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Pempek Systems is Australia's leading control solution provider to the Mining, Construction and Engineering sectors. Established in 1985 our product ranges include PLC controllers, motor controllers, electronic over hydraulic control, remote controllers, telemetry systems, graphics function display and human machine interfaces, heavy duty contactors and other flameproof applications for explosive and hazardous area applications.

Pempek is a preferred OEM partner for leading global and Australian mining equipment manufacturers.

Pempek operates from Australian offices including Castle Hill, Newcastle and Adelaide. Overseas sales and service operations include USA, China and South Africa.

Pempek manufactures and exports all its product range in Australia at our Castle Hill facility. 

​Combined Staff

55 intrepid souls are gainfully employed, to wit:

  • Engineering (22)
  • ​Production (18)
  • Procurement (1)
  • Service (5)
  • Field support (2)
  • Admini​stration (4)
  • Accounting (2)
  • Warehouse (1)

Pempek is very much an engineering-focused company

  • 50% of our staff are engineers and technicians
  • Many engineers have post-graduate qualifications
  • Many have extensive underground coal experience



Pempek is ISO9001:2008 certified to design, manufacture and service industrial electronic equipment.

Our Quality ​​Policy

MP87 Certification

Australian/New Zealand Certification Scheme for explosion-protected electrical equipment (ANZEx Scheme).

Insurance Credentials

​​Design Regimen

  • AS61508 as a development life cycle
  • AS3800 in conjunction with ISO9000 directives (Equipment for explosive atmospheres-overhaul & repair)
  • MP87 (Additional quality incentive put in place by TestSafe Australia)